Tridactyl is a Firefox add-on that replaces Firefox’s default control mechanism with one modeled on Vim. This is the add-on I use since the end-of-life of Vimperator after the release of Firefox 57.

One thing I like about Tridactyl is that it allows one to run commands in /bin/sh (unless you are on Windows:), using the function exclaim (aliased to !) or exclaim_quiet if you don’t want to see the command line output. This feature requires the “native messenger”, which can be installed via the function installnative.

For example, say I want to watch a video using mpv rather than using the browser. What I can do is to get the link of the video using the function hint -W which allows you to select the url from the highlighted hints via the keyboard and pass the obtained url to mpv. This can be realized by running

:hint -W exclaim_quiet mpv

In fact, this has its own default keybinding ;v by default.

By the same token I can

When you need to find the downloaded file, remember the default directory storing the downloads is $HOME/.local/share/tridactyl/.